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24 Februari 2010, Reporter: Wisnu YB0AZ
The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universitt Berlin) has built a satellite that given the LAPAN TUBSAT and has been launched since the January 10th, 2007.

This satellite mission is video surveillance and \"store and forward\" data packet. Lapan Tubsat working at S band (non amateur frequency) and UHF band (amateur frequency).

In the UHF band Lapan Tubsat using one frequency is allocated for the use of Amateur Radio satellites and provides store and forward services. Members ORARI and Amateur Radio from around the world can take advantage of the facility \"Packet Radio Mailbox\" with packet radio mode.

Because Lapan Tubsat using amateur radio frequencies, it would require coordination with the IARU Satellite Coordinators to arrange for the use of satellite frequencies are not mutually interfere with other radio amateur satellites. John Tombeg YB1FCC is responsible operator on the request frequency coordination to the IARU Satellite Coordinator and approved on March 6, 2005.

About ORARI Satellite:

Since the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the ORARI and LAPAN on November 5th 2008 in Jakarta, we agreed to develop the technology of radio and satellite communications. ORARI Headquarter have formed the AMSAT-ID and is assigned to collaborate with a team of LAPAN to cooperate in the development of INASAT (Indonesia Satellite) which will have content (payload) Voice Repeater and APRS Digipeater, but the journey has changed the plan to build a satellite that is part of the plan to build one satellite to two satellites and satellite given the LAPAN-ORARI and LAPAN-A2.

LAPAN-ORARI satellite is a satellite that will take FM voice transponder UHF / VHF frequency 145.880MHz and 435.880MHz and Digipeater APRS frequency 145.825MHz. Also LAPAN-ORARI satellite will emit green light laser for attitude determination. Planned for a launch into a 650km LEO with low (8 degree) inclination from India as a secondary payload with \"Megha-Tropique\".

LAPAN-A2 satellite is a satellite development of LAPAN-Tubsat satellite and will use the S band (non amateur frequency) for video surveillance and the UHF amateur frequency for telemetry.

The plan the two satellites will be launched in middle of year 2011.

Wisnu Widjaja YBAZ is a responsible operator on the request frequency coordination for the two satellites to the IARU Satellite Coordinator and was approved on December 23rd, 2009.

Progress work on LAPAN-ORARI and LAPAN-A2 satellites currently are in the stage of assembly and testing of components.

On the internet widely available information on these satellites, more information at

So, hopefully this information can be useful for the member of ORARI and amateur radio throughout the world about LAPAN TUBSAT, LAPAN ORARI and LAPAN A2 satellites.

Jakarta, February 22nd, 2010
Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia (ORARI)

Wisnu Widjaja YBAZ
Vice Secretary General, International Affairs Coordinator and IARU Liaison of ORARI

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